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mabTasks Professional ver.1.80E RC1 (Build 18010) now available.(2009/09/09)

Please download from the following link. (CAB only. No documents.)

download mabTasksEPKT.ARM.WM5.18010.CAB (103.6KB) has opened!! (2008/02/08)

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mabTasks for Pocket PC ver.1.50E released!! (2006/07/24)

ver.1.50E completely supports Windows Mobile 5.0. Please download free trial edition from download corner.

What's New

2008/02/08 has opened!

2006/07/24 mabTasks ver.1.50E released!



mabTasks - Powerful ToDo management software
                   for Windows Mobile<Shareware>

mabTasks main screen image

mabTasks for Pocket PC ver.1.50E

** Windows Mobile 5.0 OK! **
** Windows Mobile 6 / 6.1 OK! **
** 30 days free trial **
[Download free trial edition]
[Changes in ver.1.50E]  [More Detail]  
[How to buy]

   mabTasks is a very powerful ToDo List software replaces 'Tasks'.   And a better tool for GTD (Getting Things Done).
   You can fully customize list view appearance. Font face, font size, font style, ClearType, foreground color, background color and etc. You can customize font style and color by 15 combinations of due date and priority.
   mabTasks offers powerful sorting and filtering too.
   At a glance, you can find important tasks. Anymore you never miss it.

You can try mabTasks for 30 days.

   mabTasks completely supports Windows Mobile 5.0 (WM5).  VGA, QVGA, landscape and so on.
   Other supported platforms information are as follows:
    - Windows Mobile 6
    - Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition
    - HP iPAQ, Dell AximPalm Treo, Samsung, Siemens, Acer etc.

[Download free trial edition]


mabOff - Power off your Windows Mobile Pocket PC by tapping screen.  <Freeware>

mabOff Screen Image

mabOff for Windows CE ver.1.00a

** Windows Mobile 5.0 OK! **
** Windows Mobile 6 OK! **
[Download]  [More Detail]

  mabOff is a simple tool to switch a device off stationed in task tray.
  Because reaction of a power supply button of my GENIO was dull, I made mabOff to switch it off with a screen tap. I prepared the option which can switch it off directly from a command line too.
   mabOff runs on almost all Windows CE editions. Windows Mobile Pocket PC edition and Handheld PC edition are included in a archive file.
   mabOff runs well on Windows Mobile 5.0 and Windows Mobile 6 also.


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